Our team of craftspeople, expert sewers and technicians come together with the shared pursuit of superior quality. Every product is proudly built by hand in our Toronto factory. Built with care. Built responsibly.


Caring about what we make, how we make it, and who we make it for. That’s our commitment to your family. And to our own.

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It’s all about the details.


Precision cutting

1. Precision cutting

Premium fabric is cut expertly by hand in our Toronto factory before it goes onto every Monte chair.

Handsewn fabrics

2. Handsewn fabrics

All seams are sewn twiceover, creating a beautiful finish and superior bond.

Wood framing

3. Wood framing

FSC certified wood frames are sprung by hand using high gauge American made steel springs.

Exceptional upholstery

4. Exceptional upholstery

Skilled upholsterers take their time with each piece they create. No piece work. No cutting corners.

Undercarriage assembly

5. Undercarriage assembly

The steel mechanism is attached to a solid wood base and bolted to the undercarriage. We take the added step of lining the underside of every single chair for a superior finish.

Quality control and cleaning

6. Quality control and cleaning

This meticulous last step ensures every Monte chair meets our benchmark of exceptional efficacy. Every inch is inspected to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Soft, warm and comforting.

The feeling of being safe and being loved.

Your baby recognizes this, and so do we.


Our head office and manufacturing plant share the same inclusive space, resulting in a highly collaborative culture between our skilled craftspeople and office team. Together we are unified in our commitment to perfecting techniques, developing new ideas and producing superior products — all made in a safe and comfortable workplace.

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We know the best design is thoughtful down to the last stitch. Through each step, we meticulously inspect every Monte piece. It’s all about the details.